How to Help

How you can help!

Keep plastic totes in your vehicle. small totes are great for smaller turtles such as painted turtles, box turtles, spotted turtles, and musk turtles. Large totes are great for snapping turtles and wood turtles.

If you see a turtle in the road, please be careful of other vehicles in the road. Pull over and make sure you are safe to cross. if the turtle is injured carefully pick the turtle up and place it in a tote, and then give us a call. Sometimes injured turtles are still lively and will try to get away from you as fast as they can. Please be careful! If you are helping a snapping turtle , remember to hold them away from your face and don’t stick your hands near their face. Grab then from the lower part of the shell and please never pick them up by their tail!

If you found a Turtle in need of help please give us a call at 413-663-4555

If you have found other animals in need of help please visit the website below for a list of rehabilitators throughout the state. The list usually includes what species they take. Click the link below. If your having problems finding placement feel free to give us a call anyways!

Find a wildlife rehabilitator |

Other wildlife in our care

Although our main focus is turtle rehabilitation, sometimes we get other wildlife in need of help.
Sometimes we get orphaned wildlife. We always try to reunite them with their mothers, however sometimes it doesn’t work out.
Wild animals get injured. Sometimes because of cars, or they got attacked by a predator, and sometimes accidents just happen and they injure themselves.
We love to stay connected with other wildlife rehabilitators, and when an animal other than a turtle comes in, we will try to find placement with rehabilitators who specialize in their specific species. Sometimes we can’t find placement, in which case we would rehabilitate these animals in need. Once they are ready we release them back into the wild.
Check out the photos below of other wildlife we have helped over the years.