Berkshire County Turtle Rescue is the only wild turtle rescue clinic in Berkshire County.

Our Mission

To ensure a future for Turtles!
Every turtle is important! Their populations are rapidly declining due to habitat loss, getting hit by cars, predator attacks, kidnapping and more.

Our Values

We are dedicated to providing ethical rehabilitation to turtles across Berkshire County. We pride ourselves with empathy and compassion for conservation, education, and rehabilitation.

Established in 2023

We have been established as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization since 2023, however Tracy Zustra has been a licensed wildlife rehabilitator since 2011.

Berkshire County Turtle Rescue started because we discovered that there were no other wildlife rehabilitators in Berkshire County who were trained in turtle rehabilitation. We teamed up with another Turtle Rescue a few hours away who trained Tracy. We are grateful for their continuous help!

We are always happy to teach local wildlife rehabilitators how to rehabilitate turtles, as well as other wildlife! If you are interested in becoming a wildlife rehabilitator, please reach out to us!